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Colida's Post

When I entered this program so many thoughts, and feelings were flowing through me with no outlet. I felt alone, ashamed, embarrassed and like a complete failure. I was living moment to moment, or day to day and not even considering the thought of a brighter future.

Recently, I found myself being forced to deal with the reality of starting my life over. On the outside I was feeling all of the negativity that came along with it, but on the inside all I could see were my three beautiful, amazing children and how I needed to be strong and positive for them. I found it very difficult to pick myself up and brush myself off right away because there were layers and layers of bad luck that I had experienced and I felt I had finally hit rock bottom. In my mind I knew what I needed to do, but didn’t have any idea where to begin to do it.

When I was introduced to this program all I heard was “baking” and I was so ready. I enjoy cooking and watching all of the food network cooking shows so I felt it was really a win-win situation for me. The ladies who started the program are Tricia and Stephanie and when I first met them I felt so welcomed and more importantly accepted for me “flaws and all”. I left our meeting feeling apart of a new family with something new and positive to look forward to.

“Together We Bake” has changed me, my thought process, and my life. It is because of this program and the wonderful ladies including Mary Beth and Donna that I am a better person with a more positive outlook on the situation that I am in and my life today. Everyday that I am here I feel more and more empowered and very inspired by my surroundings and environment. You are never alone (unless you want or need to be) because everyone is here to support one another, but everyone respects each other, their situation (privacy), and their spaces. Throughout our time together we all enjoy group activities that really motivates and encourages us. In life at some time or another we all need a support system to be there to tell us when we are down that we are still strong enough to stand up, start over and still be okay. This program is the right guide for anyone who needs a second chance or just the strength again to believe in themselves and not give up. It just feels so wonderfully amazing to have a place that I can go to be transformed and supported at the same time. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed anymore, but more importantly I am not alone. I am not who I was, not who I want to be, but I will continue to work on the mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and person I aspire to become. I am a work in progress…… and I am perfectly okay with that.

“Together We Bake” is not a program you just do or be apart of for the moment. Once you are family that support and bond that was created and built is there for life. Having that trust and belief, and just knowing just that you will always have someone and somewhere to turn is the most refreshing feeling in the world. I enjoy everything about this program. I love my new family (Tricia, Stephanie, Mary Beth, Donna, and all of my sister’s) I will forever be grateful for all them and thankful for these ladies showing me the right path to my second chance.

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