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Meet Adria

Meet Adria

Published December 5, 2018

Adria started at TWB in the fall with her mask on and walls up. Being open and vulnerable with a group of women she just met was a challenge, and Adria found it more comfortable to put on a tough front that made it seem like nothing bothered her. As our 8-week program came to an end, Adria was a completely different person. She was so positive, encouraging, and open. She let the other women in to help and support her. Each morning her smile lit up the kitchen, and her hugs were (almost) as good as Liz’s! We are so proud to have been apart of her journey towards empowerment, and cannot wait to see where else it takes her!

What circumstances brought you to where you were before you joined Together We Bake?

Adria: I was looking for new opportunities.

What inspired you to apply to Together We Bake?

Adria: Actually, I was sitting in a cell with a woman that told me about TWB. She told me that if I had gotten a bond that the first thing I should do when I got home was to find out how to enroll with TWB.

How has Together We Bake changed your perspective on life?

Adria: It has helped me gain a better sense of self.

Has someone at Together We Bake (a fellow participant, a volunteer, an instructor, etc) had a particular influence on you?

Adria: Coach Colida and Liz have had a huge influence on me.

How would you describe Together We Bake?

Adria: It’s a great group of women that allows people of all different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds to come together and work as a unit to build self-esteem and work ethic.

What do you feel is the most valuable thing Together We Bake does?

Adria: Empowerment.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at Together We Bake?

Adria: I learned to listen. Someone very close and special to me joined the class with me, and it taught me to slow down and listen to what she has to say because she is human and she has feelings too.

Do you have any specific memories of experiences at Together We Bake?

Adria: A guest baker came and taught us how to make biscuits from scratch.

What was the most challenging thing about the program? How did you overcome that challenge?

Adria: Coming to class and being on time was the biggest challenge I faced. I have always struggled with staying committed to things, so I really had to dig deep and put forth effort to make it to class everyday.

What is something you are proud of that you achieved because of your participation in Together We Bake?

Adria: I’m proud that I learned that everything in my life is my choice. No one is in control of my life or actions but me.

What advice do you have for women considering applying to Together We Bake?

Adria: Take this course seriously. They are here to help in any way they can, and they genuinely care.

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