Meet Barbie

Published April 29, 2020

I admit that I have made a few bad choices in my life, and, after spending time in prison, I was accepted into the Friends of Guest House program. With very little work experience, I figured Together We Bake would be a great opportunity to change that. 

I saw a flyer one day that was explaining a little about TWB and I decided to ask around to find out more. Everything I was hearing was awesome! People were speaking so highly of the program, and so many people recommended I try it out. It sounded like it was exactly what I needed, and I was eager for something different. I decided to sign up for the Winter 2020 session.

Before TWB it was really hard to open up and speak out to others in a group setting, but the women at TWB made it extremely easy. Just the support and positive energy I received from my peers and staff gave me that confidence that I was lacking within myself. Completing TWB is one accomplishment that I can say I am very proud of. One of the most valuable things I feel that the program taught me was to believe in myself and that it is ok to open up and trust. As well as other positive life skills. 

I learned so much in my short time at TWB. I love all the staff as well as my TWB sisters. Everyone has had such a positive influence on me and I’m going to miss everyone!!!


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