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Meet Demi

Meet Demi

Published November 12, 2019

I believe in fate. It was fate that I found myself at Together We Bake. Over the past year, I have had many ups and downs. I’ve dealt with toxic people who wished harm upon me, my job, and my child’s safety. Before starting the program, I was living in a temporary home. There, a woman told me about TWB. She provided me with the information and said it’d be a great fit for me.

I had no idea what to expect when I started the TWB program. I met with Stephanie first. She welcomed me and was sweet and inviting. I started the program with optimism, ready to welcome a fresh start, full of new beginnings. 

Each week we met for classes that taught us essential life skills. We had a negotiation course where we learned how to manage and handle conflict with compromise. We learned essential business skills, ranging from customer service to shipping orders to taking inventory. The empowerment classes taught us how to cope with our emotions. We addressed triggers, anger, set goals for ourselves, confronted our past, and learned how to move forward in a healthy way. All of the skills I have gained from TWB will make me more successful in the workplace and in life. 

The women at TWB are inspiring. Coach Colida was a breath of fresh air. She is funny, loving, and will give it to you straight. I appreciate all of those qualities and hope to embody them. Liz and I had an instant connection – bonding over motherhood, our upbringings and overcoming similar obstacles in life. I found myself laughing and crying with women I never would have known if not for joining TWB. My job counselor Kelsey was so cute, funny and, most of all, helpful. She helped me build my resume, get an apartment and find a shared kitchen for me to live out my dreams of owning my own baking business. 

TWB has afforded me transformation. I went from feeling defeated to having hope. I went from being homeless to finding a home. I discovered an inner peace that helps me control my thoughts and actions. I now know how to cope with my innermost fears in a healthy way, and I have the courage to overcome any challenge I face. 

I love all of the staff at Together We Bake. I felt at home, needed and, most importantly, I felt loved. I hope to never lose the connections I’ve made through this program and will never forget all that I have gained.

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