Meet Felicia

Published April 29, 2016

Hello, my name is Felicia Tsao and I am from Taiwan. I am a thriving woman. I was a high school teacher who taught geometry. I had about 120 students, and I enjoyed that job very much. I have a background in business and computer science. After teaching I did marketing, export, and bank managing. I prided myself on being number one and a very good salesperson. I was then a housewife, had a beautiful baby, and loved going to local libraries to read my baby books. I value the education system for children in the United States.

I made a friend, Bonnie, and she was very excited about doing the Together We Bake program. Therefore, I decided to apply to the program to empower myself and reach new goals.

My favorite part of the program is being very detailed and learning things step by step. I love being hands on, and the environment is nice. I think the material we learn is very good, everything is very organized, everything smells and tastes good, we make beautifully hand-made products, we all have our own books, and it makes me feel like I can reach double my potential. As women we love to talk and bake together. I adore the combination of the different sections of the program. I have become more understanding and helpful for myself and others. I feel extremely healthy and clear-minded doing this program, it amazes me every day.

After the program I will be more connected to people, and do more practices in life than what I am use to. I am expanding my horizons. Education is life, and practice makes perfect. Life is practice and I am continually learning every day.


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