Meet Giada

Published July 19, 2019

Giada is a resilient, determined woman! She graduated from our Spring 2019 class, despite the adversities she has faced throughout her life. During program, Giada coped with the loss of her sister and with a son fighting cancer. She found comfort and support in Together We Bake, and we are so proud of the empowered, self-sufficient woman she has grown into! Read her poem below to see how kindness and joy have found their way into her life.

It’s new day,

Remember that we are formed and molded by our thoughts,

And those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts,

Radiate joy when they speak and act,

And, like a shadow, joy follows them, never leaving them.

I choose to live in joy,

I choose to be an ambassador of joy,

Bringing light to the dark places in my consciousness and in the world.

I refuse to allow anything or anyone to come between me and my joy.

The activities of joy lift and enlighten everyone,

To whom I direct my thoughts and attention,

For it is an aspect of my spiritual nature.

Joy is an inside job,

Therefore I live, move and have my being in the joy of God,

And all of my affairs reflect the benefits of a joyous state of mind.

May all of my friends have a joyful and joy-filled life,

And always, in all-ways, love yourself and others,

Without reason,

On and with purpose!


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