Meet Harriet

Published June 30, 2017

When my father passed in 2005, I became homeless. I was a homeless person in PG County with no resources. They suggested I go to DC and DC suggested I go to Alexandria.  I stayed in DC from 2005 until I came to Alexandria in 2014. I came to Davis Place and when I got to Alexandria Community Shelter I found other resources in Arlington. I would like to thank Joel Wood, Susan Ryan, Dana Woolfolk, Stanley Ellison, Sharon Addison, Thornel Hancock, Mary Parker-Lamm and Governor Terry McAuliffe.

I went to the Center for Employment and Training Job Fair, where I found out about Together We Bake. I think that I’m going to go far after I leave TWB and I should really learn what they’re teaching. I like that it gives you encouragement for a job. I really like the empowerment groups so I have encouragement and the job counseling. I do like working. I would really like to go into teaching or education, but while I’m working towards that, I want to work at a restaurant or maybe another nonprofit like TWB.


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