Meet Heather

Published May 23, 2017

I am a single mother of two grown children.  I am also an addict and a felon.  But today I am not defined by those words.  I am a survivor. I am working to better myself.  That is one of the reasons I’m in Together We Bake, to better myself.  I heard about the program before I left the jail I was in.

My favorite part of the program so far has been the teamwork that I have experienced. It has been nice to be a part of a group again.  I have also enjoyed making the chocolate pretzels we made with a guest baker! (Thanks Erica!)

After the program is over I plan on finding work in the local area.  I plan on staying in the Alexandria area.  I hope to continue to use and lean on the women from TWB as a resource while I am on my journey of recovery.


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