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Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica

Published January 7, 2019

Imagine being a single mother of two young children, facing unemployment, and feeling unsure of what the future holds. Jessica found herself in this exact position when she decided to join the TWB team. We knew from the very first day that she would be a very hard worker. She took initiative and clearly valued the hustle! She graduated with her class, despite getting a job halfway through program. Jessica benefited from the empowerment and life skills classes, as well, and she particularly enjoyed the negotiation skills workshop. Read more about her story below!

What circumstances brought you to where you were before you joined Together We Bake?

Jessica: I was just at home. I wanted to be apart of something.

What inspired you to apply to Together We Bake?

Jessica: The groups. I heard that they were therapeutic. They’re actually great!

How has Together We Bake changed your perspective on life?

Jessica: Being here has boosted my self-confidence. No one judges you here, and that’s a great feeling.

Has someone at Together We Bake (a fellow participant, a volunteer, an instructor, etc) had a particular influence on you?

Jessica: Colida and Liz showed me that there’s life after careless mistakes. Stephanie and Tricia showed me that second chances are okay.

How would you describe Together We Bake?

Jessica: I would describe TWB as an open door policy! You can talk to the ladies about anything at any time.

What do you feel is the most valuable thing Together We Bake does?

Jessica: I feel that the groups are the most valuable thing TWB does.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at Together We Bake?

Jessica: I learned how to work as a team. I also learned that it’s okay to take charge as long as I don’t leave anyone out.

Do you have any specific memories of experiences at Together We Bake?

Jessica: After the first two weeks, there was honestly never a dull moment. I have many memories, but my favorite is role playing during the negotiation class.

What was the most challenging thing about the program? How did you overcome that challenge?

Jessica: Accepting different personalities and backgrounds was a challenge for me. I overcame it by being patient when someone was long winded.

What is something you are proud of that you achieved because of your participation in Together We Bake?

Jessica: I achieved talking to someone other than Adria. I didn’t quit! I was engaged in all activities. I learned to be a self-starter.

What advice do you have for women considering applying to Together We Bake?

Jessica: Do it!

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