Meet Kim

Published June 16, 2016

Hello, my name is Kim. I have 5 children; 4 of them are grown and my baby girl is in foster care. I want to start over new; I don’t want to go back to using drugs or doing something that would make me sad. I wasn’t able to be a mother to my kids – I had to drop them on someone else because drugs were in control. I don’t want my kids to remember me as an addict and as someone who wasn’t there. After my release from prison, I didn’t want to go back home; I wanted to start something new, different, and better for myself.

I found out about Together We Bake through Guest House, where I’m grateful to currently be living despite being incarcerated for a violent crime. My counselor told me about the program and put me in the class. I’m so glad she did. I recommend TWB to everyone, and I tell everyone about the program wherever I go; I tell them where to go to buy stuff, about Whole Foods and about the Farmers Market. But most importantly, it’s very valuable to me to get people to recognize what we do here.

Together We Bake has given me a lot of strength to do a lot of things. I feel so good, safe, and strong when I walk through these doors – I feel like I can do anything. I connect with so many of the women here, and I release a lot of stuff here. My load gets lighter and lighter by the day because I realize when I share some things, they don’t bother me anymore. These women make me feel more empowered, and I feel so much support from them – I’ve really grown to care a lot for every woman that’s a part of Together We Bake.

After the program, I’m going to get a job somewhere, and start applying for independent housing. I did drugs for a very long time and now I’m starting over and getting myself better. I’ve had setbacks but I’m not going to let my setbacks stop me because I’m smart enough to do something different. I’m going to be somebody different – I’m striving to create my new life for myself and looki


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