Meet Laura

Published November 14, 2017

I am a mother with three children. I live with physical challenges every day. I fell and broke my back, and I had to have surgery involving a rod, screws and fusions. I currently live at a recovery house in Alexandria. The program manager at my house noticed my passion for the kitchen and cooking, despite my injury. She recommended Together We Bake for me and referred me, I am so grateful! The instructors at TWB have helped me a lot and have been willing to work with me to overcome my challenges. They have helped me find my inner strengths and they give me a great deal of support. 

I have learned a lot of skills including professional food handling, packaging and delivering, but not to forget customer service. I love discussing the great book of Houses of Healing. I also enjoyed True Colors, the group about personality types. I know I am going to leave the program with a lot of confidence and knowledge that will help me in the future. My future plans involve helping run my brother’s deli!


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