Meet Maria

Published June 28, 2016

Hello, my name is Maria. I moved here from Costa Rica in 2007 with my husband in order to be with his family. The first 3 months were hard. I wasn’t ready to be here; I didn’t know my husband’s family, and I didn’t know English. After 3 years, I separated from my husband and moved out with my daughters.

I found out about Together We Bake through Section 8, a program that helps you with rent. I’ve been working for 6 years at a pastry shop where I cook, do the ordering, help with hiring people, and am a cashier, so I wanted to use my skills and also learn more about baking and food production.

I love the feeling of power I get from working at Together We Bake. I love hearing the different stories from each of the women in the program, and hearing from people who are trying to get better all the time. I think being able to say, “I want to change” is very cool. It is human to make mistakes, but it is empowering to want to learn from your mistakes and do better for yourself.

I am successful and independent. I do a little bit of everything: babysit, clean houses, work at a pastry shop, work at a Catholic church, and sell Avon beauty products. I do this to make a better life for myself, and for the 2 powers in my life, my daughters, Laura and Hilda – they’re why I try to keep going all the time.

After Together We Bake, I want to take classes and get my GED so I can study culinary art. I want to thank the women at Together We Bake for giving me an opportunity to learn something different. I am thankful for my experience in this program and am excited for what lies ahead.


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