Meet Shavonne

Published April 10, 2019

Shavonne is an extremely motivated, empowered woman. She joined our 2019 Winter class and quickly became a support system for her fellow teammates. She lived her passion and dedication for TWB every day, ensuring to uplift, encourage, and listen to the other women as best she could. Post-graduation, Shavonne is continuing helping people. She has experience working with elderly individuals and has recently been hired by Virginia Hospital Center. Read more about Shavonne’s story below!

What circumstances brought you to where you were before you joined Together We Bake?

Shavonne: I was in between jobs at the time when my therapist suggested I try out Together We Bake.

What inspired you to apply to Together We Bake?

Shavonne: I was inspired by the baking and what Together We Bake stands for.

How has Together We Bake changed your perspective on life?

Shavonne: TWB has shown me that no matter how much you think you have lost, you can always pick yourself back up.

Has someone at Together We Bake (a fellow participant, a volunteer, an instructor, etc.) had a particular influence on you?

Shavonne: I loved all the women I’ve met at TWB. My job counselor Kathy was a breath of fresh air.

How would you describe Together We Bake?

Shavonne: TWB is a place where women can be themselves without being judged.

What do you feel is the most valuable thing Together We Bake does?

Shavonne: TWB teaches a sense of teamwork, and how to be successful in all parts of life.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at Together We Bake?

Shavonne: I think the most valuable thing I learned at TWB is that we, as women, are very relatable.

Do you have any specific memories of experience at Together We Bake?

Shavonne: The laughter when we can all relate to something.

What was the most challenging thing about the program? How did you overcome that challenge?

Shavonne: The most challenging thing I faced was getting to TWB on time.

What is something you are proud of that you achieved because of your participation in Together We Bake?

Shavonne: I am proud of the courage I discovered to repair every aspect of my life.

What advice do you have for women considering applying to Together We Bake?

Shavonne: Go for it. You can’t lose.


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