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Meet Teresa

Meet Teresa

Teresa, Spring 2022 Grad

What circumstances brought you to where you were before you joined Together We Bake? 

I was in an abusive relationship for 20-plus years. In that relationship, I had seven beautiful kids. He ended up getting deported. In those 20 years, I ended up with depression and PTSD, which was so bad that my kids got taken away. My self esteem was non-existent.

What inspired you to apply to Together We Bake?

My kids inspired me to apply. Even though I don't have them, they do inspire me to improve my life. 

Has someone at Together We Bake (a fellow participant, a volunteer, an instructor, etc) had a particular influence on you?

I can't pick just one person. Each person influenced me in different ways.

What do you feel is the most valuable thing Together We Bake does?

[Together We Bake] pushes you to come out of your shell [and] teaches you the value of yourself. The valuable thing I learned at Together We Bake is trusting myself and trusting others by showing my feelings. I learned to be vulnerable. 

What is something you are proud of that you achieved because of your participation in Together We Bake?

The thing I'm proud of that I achieved in Together We Bake is not to self sabotage. I tend to sabotage myself if it's going to a job interview or sometimes just in life itself.


*Note: This transcript has been edited for clarity.

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