Today, I am a mother and  a Nubian Queen, with great potential. My past is what makes my present a gift of life. I am the youngest of 6 children. My oldest sister Alma is in Heavens Arms looking down on me with a smile. I have 5 children and  2 grandchildren. So, today, I have to clean up what I messed up. I am starting my life over again. Now, having been given a second chance, I am living at Friends Of Guest House. The staff brought to my attention that Together We Bake would be a great opportunity for me. To receive benefits to broaden my career. I said YES without a doubt. For me after I graduate this class, I will seek more in detail for work with the experience that I received here  at school. Angelo and I will then become as one in our life. He is my youngest son. He is 9 years today. Diamond is my 20 year old daughter and she is doing what applies to her in her life today. She is a Pharmaceutical Major at Elizabeth City State University. Being as though her up-bringing was not peaches and cream, Diamond is doing awesome in her life today.


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