Blog by Debbie

Hello, my name is Debbie. I am a 44 year old woman, who values and loves her family very much.

I came across Together We Bake through the Friends of Guest House. I was in the Friends of Guest House because when I was in jail, I made the decision to better my life. I knew if I continued down the road I was going it wouldn’t have ended well for me. Through the guest house, I was set up with Together We Bake and decided to make a life changing decision to go through the program for myself.

I absolutely love the program. I think it was a great choice to make. Although I love to bake, my favorite part of the program would have to be the closeness I feel to everyone. I feel that the sisterhood we have all created radiates positivity and soundness. For my own personal growth, this is a huge aspect that contributes to developing a better me.

I am remaining optimistic. Life after Together We Bake looks like there could be a healthy future ahead of me. I haven’t been able to imagine a positive future for myself in a long time until now. I am looking forward to being able to be on my own, and simply be me, sober and wholesome.


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