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Blog by Fiker

Hello, my name is Fiker. I am 32 years old. I am from Ethiopia. I came to the United States in 2009 because my husband was here and I wanted to come and start a family. I now have a beautiful family and a wonderful husband. I am a mother of 3, and my beautiful birds are my life. I have two boys and 1 girl, my middle child is autistic but he is our angel. My daughter is very sweet, and she has always been my best friend. I am a friendly person and I like to surround myself with respectful people.

I found out about Together We Bake through my social worker. She came to me because she knew that I liked to make desserts and make décor cakes, so she figured that the program would be a good outlet for me. I like the program very much. It is difficult at times because I am a full time mother and I work a lot outside of the program. I am busy here and then busy outside of the program but it is worth it.

Despite all of this, I love spending time at Together We Bake. My favorite part of the program is when we do Yoga and when we listen to empowering songs because it is fun and I learn a lot from the discussions we have and the exercises we do. I also like our morning sessions when we come in and share empowerment quotes. They have helped me feel like a stronger person and mother.

Life after Together We Bake looks better. I have gained a lot of confidence and learned that it is okay to take it easy on myself. I have learned coping skills for when I have bad days in the future and I feel that they have helped me a lot so far. I am thinking about possibly starting to take classes in the future, but I will remain working a lot to help support my family. I would share this program to anyone who has suffered from any hardships, it really gives you a new sense of self and motivates you to do better. I feel a lot better. My situation has always had highs and lows but I always remember that God is with all of us and I know he is with my family. God is good, all the time and through all my hard times I have been through, I have learned that even when you lose love for yourself, he will always love you.

Thank you Together We Bake and my lovely family for all your support through my life and this journey.

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