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My name is Denise Anthony, I am from Hampton, Virginia. I decided to change my environment so that I can be a success in life. I made a decision to enter into The Friends of the Guest House program where I received a lot of help and support from counselors and staff members which I am so grateful for to this day. I heard of the program Together We Bake from the coordinator from Downtown Baptist Church where they run the class. I enrolled in the program on April 22nd and I will graduate on June 12th just two weeks from now, and I am so thrilled and very thankful. It is a wonderful program and I encourage anyone to take apart in it, not only do we bake here, we also deal with life issues and learn how to deal with them in a healthy way. We also have fun in here as well, and I feel very welcome and able to accomplish everything that I set out to do today. I am a winner today, and I know it with every fiber inside of me. I must than God above for giving me favor and a new direction in life. I am truly happy today, and I must say before I end, I am so grateful for my two beautiful children Jimmy and Jinise for continually believing in me and encouraging me to keep pushing in life. I am so ever grateful to everyone who God has placed in my life along my journey… Thank You

Here is my Affirmation
I may be a product of my past but I am not my past!!! I am so grateful. And no matter what I have done in the past, my self remains good and worthwhile. Everything wise, kind, and powerful is already inside of me!


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