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Donna’s Blog

I, Donna Coghill completed TWB 2 years ago. When I first got here I was straight from the Guest House/Jail. Wasn’t that eager at first. All I knew is I wanted to change. So having the opportunity to better myself and gain some new skills hit my brain and I asked GOD for help now here it is. What are you going to do? I took advantage of everything TWB had to offer and I believe I was a role model (LEADER). After completing TWB I received a phone call asking me if I wanted to work for TWB. At the time I had back slid but not enough to get up and brush off the dirty and complete my mission. I began to work with TWB as a Program Assistant and today I am still with TWB. TWB has given me the chance to give back to women just like me. I am no longer that failure that I once used to think I was. I’m a strong soul sister with much to give back.
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