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Holland Jackson

My story is one that is familiar. I am a mother, wife, sister, friend and a public servant.  And I am proud of being all of these people to so many others.  Most of all I am a recovering addict that God has given 1 more chance. Today I have made the decision to turn my will and my life over to the God of my understanding and in doing so, I take instruction from others to help me in my new way of life.  I remember this line from Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates” and this reminds me of the uncertainties I face every day.  The activities of each day brings Joy and Challenges.  But there is only one constant-The Love of Self.  Well I cannot foresee what the day will bring, I have the choice to start by centering in the certainty of divine love.  I maintain balance by staying in constant contact with GOD.  Memories or interactions with others may bring a taste of sweet and a bite of bitter.  No matter what sensation I feel, I am at ease.  I always find unconditional, unlimited love in my inner sanctuary.  This Love flows through me-soothing any pain, calming any turmoil, and expanding every JOY OF MY DAY.
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