What’s my story? I’ve been here, there, everywhere without actually doing anything. I have an awesome 4-year old son who has energy for days, much like his mom. Last year, I was given the opportunity to take a long term rehabilitation program, which has helped me stay sober for almost 20 months now. I heard about Together We Bake through an email and was intrigued about a baking program helping women who deserve a second chance at life. Before now, I thought that the microwave was the only way to cook food and that cookie dough just happened. I’ve never bothered to make anything from scratch until now. I love the guest bakers that come in and teach us little recipes. Dehydrating apples and baking my own cookies at home with my son have been my favorite memories thus far. I’m not gonna lie, the buttercream frosting was insane also. Butter plus sugar and some eggs? Who knew?! Not this guy… After TWB, I’m moving out to Stephenson, VA, hopefully to do something with baking and food, because I’m not half-bad at it and it holds my attention.


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