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We've been baking up a new website this summer and it's time to take it out of the oven! Please be patient as it's cooling and we get it ready for "delivery."


This experience with Together We Bake is an experience that is sometimes hard to put in words. When I think of all I have gained from this experience sometimes I can only smile and say “thank you lord”. I came from prison with the determination to live a better life to become independent and stop relying on “mommy” to take care of me. I just needed to be steered in the right direction and I was then introduced to the “Friends of The Guest House” program who has blessed me with the opportunity to become a part of the “Together We Bake” program. The two programs together is a force to be reckoned with because they help us women become powerful and respectable people. Women we knew we could always be!! Together we bake has not just given us the “Secret” ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and granola but also they have given us the “Special” ingredient for life, and that ingredient for me is to love others just as you want to be loved. Today I know that I am worth the fight and know that with determination and drive I will succeed!!! So many doors have opened for me while being in this program and for that I am forever grateful!!! I truly will never forget how the staff at the “Friends of The Guest House”, and Stephanie, Tricia, and Mary Beth of “Together we Bake” gave me a second chance at life. Today I am able to LIVE!!!!!!
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