Lovely Lia

Nine AM to class we go/ “Together We Bake” through good weather and snow/ Tricia, Mary Beth, Stephanie, And Donna/ There to help us with honors/ From “Houses Of Healing,” Yoga, Self Empowerment, business and Serve Safe too/ These ladies just want to see the best in you/ Giving second chances which life comes with so few/ Helping us see life in a more optimistic view/ Starting the day…we all love to “ball”/ Chocolate Chip cookies and Granola for all/ Bodacious Barbara, Crazy Cerrina, Determined Denise, Elegant Ebony, Modest Mahalete, Marvelous Missy, Terrific Tina, Lovely Lia, Sassy Shakala, Rockin’n Robin, all in the kitchen working as a team/ Hard work and effort can be seen/ The perfect class at “Together We Bake”/ A bitter sweet feeling when we graduate/ Enjoying each others company an outlet from the outside world/ Downtown Baptist Church really improved us girls/ January 28 to March 20/ We all worked together to explore our gifts/ Getting up early wasn’t hard to do/ “Together We Bake” we owe thanks to you!


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