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Mandi Maile

I think this program is amazing & that there should be so many more out there like it. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of it. I have recently been convicted of a felony, and at 35 years old, I was devastated. I’ve been a stay at home Mom for 10 years & an addict for a better part of that. I was scared of judgment & rejection. Together We Bake has eliminated that & I’m only in my second week. I’ve already learned sooo much.

My Children don’t seem to need me as much anymore & I needed an outlet & a job to occupy my time.The women who run & are in this program are unbelievably amazing. Mary Beth, Trish & Stephanie make you feel so welcome, comfortable & make you feel like your not being judged. None of our past mistakes seem to be relevant. They really are doing everything they can to provide us w/ a second chance. Which so many of us need to become functioning members of society. Most who have been incarcerated or are in recovery never get that opportunity. Our past seems to follow us & become labeled or shunned. Plus some of us been away for so long that we never we don’t have recent job experience or even have a any idea where to begin. It becomes so overwhelming that a lot of us end up right back in the same situations. it’s all we know & it just becomes a vicious cycle! unfortunately most of our prisons & jails don’t offer much in the way of rehabilitation.

I am so grateful to the women who began this program because I feel honestly I’d be lost w/ out it. Not only do they provide us w/ the chance to receive a ServSafe certificate, as well as job training, getting you comfortable w/ interviews & teach you how to do your resume. They provide you w/ a support system. They teach you how to free yourself from your own judgement as well as others. Also, an amazing book called houses of healing, on top of throwing in yoga, which I did for the first time today & it was amazing!!!!!!!!!

To me the only problem w/ this program is there aren’t more of them in other cities & states. I am sooo excited for the next chapter of my life to begin! Thanks to “Together We Bake” I am confident that I am going to nothing but go forward & be successful in every aspect of my life, not just my career but my children, my health & my family. I already owe so much to together we bake in just what they’ve shown me & done for me so far. I am super excited to see the women I will be after graduation. I believe I will be a force to be reckoned with!!!!

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