My name is Monica Moore. I am a mother of two girls and two boys and I have a wonderful grandmother, whom I love very much. How I became to enter into where I am today, as well as being into Together We Bake, is that I am a resident of the Friends Of Guest House, which is a home for ex-offenders. I was introduced to Together We Bake by my probation officer Elizabeth Conran. Since then I have enjoyed being in this program. Together We Bake has helped me to be productive and to give back to society. Being at this stage of my life, I have been given a second chance to a better life. Knowing that I have changed is inspiring to my family and to myself. I love being in Together We Bake. It has shown me that I can be whatever I choose to be in the second life God has given me. My life has been a roller-coaster growing up, but since I have joined Together We Bake my life has been like a new book that keeps re-writing itself and getting better every time. For me, working and keeping being the great woman that I am today, I know I am a phenomenal black woman.


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