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Hello, my name is Allison. I am so grateful to be in the Together We Bake program. I have really learned a lot about this place. I’m working on getting my ServSafe certification.  Plus, I now know the tools to make a delicious cookie! We have three great women teaching us how to better ourselves, how to cope with our surroundings, and especially how to forgive ourselves for what we had done in the past. I also have to thank the Downtown Baptist Church for letting us use their kitchen. Everyone at the church is very nice and they always compliment us on our cookies.  They tell us everyday that we are doing a wonderful job. I am so happy that I got a second chance in the community, a chance to turn my life around, and to start fresh all over! I really owe it all to the three lovely ladies that run the Together We Bake program because I would be sitting back doing nothing and now I am getting alot of experience in what I love to do – cook and bake! Finally, we have a awesome team in the kitchen! We all get along great and we work together as a team. We put a lot of love up in our cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!


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