God gave me a second chance in 2004.  By his Grace and Mercy I can live today.  I am a mother of 3 beautiful children that I didn’t have the opportunity to be a part of  their lives until I was shown a new way of life. Because I was addicted to drugs and alcohol I  wasn’t able to actively participate in their lives but this didn’t make me love them no less.  What I have found is that action speaks louder then words, so I had to show them and not tell them how much I love them.  It was in the later stages of my recovery that I was able to show my children, husband and my mother that I was capable was showing love and understanding as a result of being free from active addiction.  Today I enjoy the opportunity and the experience of being here at Together We Bake with women of substance, positivity, caring and most important the love that is show from all the women involved here.  I give all praises to God and I claim the victory over my life and I am looking forward to all the things that is in store for me.  God is not done with me yet Im Valerie and Thanks for letting me share.


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