Women On The Rise

  • Woman on the Rise – Ajaunae

    At the time of our interview, 29-year-old Ajaunae is a supervising manager at BJs in northern Virginia. She’s living at a shelter and saving to secure an apartment for herself and her 6-year-old son Justin. She’s optimistic, self-aware and disarmi...
  • Woman on the Rise – Teresa

    Imagine going through a program aimed at providing a second chance, and quickly discovering your second chance is becoming a member of the program’s staff. That’s what happened to 2018 Together We Bake grad Teresa, who today is a full-time TWB pro...
  • Woman on the Rise – Nancy

    When everything’s coming up roses, it’s easy to fall into a mindset of “us and them” with regard to those who have a criminal record. But as a recent Together We Bake graduate who committed a white-collar crime in a desperate ploy to escape batter...
  • Woman on the Rise – Lilly

    Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do is trust enough to let someone help, especially when we’ve made ourselves vulnerable before and gotten burned. Lilly Monroe came to Together We Bake in the spring after she served a four-month jail sentence...
  • Woman on the Rise – Rebecca

    “I still remember him calling my father. I remember his exact words: ‘Come pick up your daughter now. I’m going to kill her.’ I guess he’d finally gotten everything from me he wanted.“ Battered, exploited and deep into a crack addiction, Rebecca h...
  • Woman on the Rise – Shannon

    Although the majority of Together We Bake graduates are transitioning back into society from the corrections system, the need for a second chance takes many forms. Meet Shannon Gray-Chappell, a graduate of TWB’s spring 2016 class. The 40-year-old ...

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