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The 2024 Empowerment Breakfast is on Thursday, May 9th! Learn more about our biggest event of the year and get tickets by clicking the button below.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

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TWB Chocolate Chip Cookies are simply irresistible! Loaded with chocolate and care, our cookies can make anyone’s day with their soft, doughy centers and classic-but-elevated flavor. You will always be met with a smile if you show up with TWB Cookies in hand! 

Note: The cookies freeze beautifully; if they are for a future date, pop them in the freezer.

Our favorite ways to enjoy: 

  • With a glass of milk: Elevate the ultimate classic treat with TWB
  • As a sandwich: Two cookies and ice cream in between = sugar craving satisfied
  • Right out of the bag! 

The TWB difference: 

  • Handmade 
  • Small batch 
  • No mixers 
  • All proceeds from product sales go toward our workforce training and empowerment program! 

If you are ordering a large number of any product (quantity of 100 or more) please email orders to:

TWB Shipping times: 

If your order contains any cookies: We bake and ship our freshly baked cookies Monday-Wednesday each week. The deadline to order cookies to ship for the week is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesdays. 

If your order does not contain cookies: We ship within 2 business days of an order placed Monday through Friday. We are closed and do not ship over the weekend.



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